Alumni Programme: The Platinum journey continues…

Because Platinum is an investor network built on people, our Franchise Partners strike up lifelong friendships on both a personal and professional level, that is why so many choose to carry on with our Alumni Programme and with ongoing marketing and legislation changes, our Franchise Partners see huge value in having us at the end of the phone whenever anything happens.

Many invest in joint ventures that simply would not have been possible going it alone.

It can be hard to leave that behind at the end of the franchise agreement, not to mention the support, guidance and systems Platinum provides.

So, we started our Alumni Programme, meaning we all stay together for longer.

So what really is the PPP Alumni Programme?

Mike Hedgecox (Managing Director at Platinum Property Partners) explains what being an Alumni Partner is and all the benefits you can really get from staying on after your initial franchise term with Platinum Property Partners.

So why do our Franchise Partners stay on as Alumni Partners?

Our Alumni Partners remain part of our community beyond their initial franchise term.

And that means they still have access to all the support and resources they need to continue growing their property business.

Not only that, our Alumni Partners continue to offer their experience and knowledge to our new Franchise Partners, building new relationships as they go. They also have further opportunities to get more involved in the business by becoming a coach, or a mentor. 

If you’d like to hear more about becoming a PPP Franchise Partner, schedule a discovery call with our Partnership team.

Why I stayed on as an Alumni Partner...

Kevin discusses his decision to stay on at Platinum Property Partners as an Alumni Partner after building his property portfolio after an initial 10-year term with PPP.